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The purpose of the Industrial Lawyers Association is to act as a combining unit among the lawyers employed by Finnish industrial companies and their organisations. The Association supports its members in keeping up with new legislation and development in the field of industry and economy. The Association was founded in 1955.
The Industrial Lawyers Association is not a labour union.


Anyone who has a Master's or equivalent degree in law and is employed by a company or by an organisation related to a company in Finland can become a member. At least one year must have passed after the graduation before the membership application can be accepted. You can apply for membership by filling out the application form at this website..
The Association has appr. 450 members. The annual membership fee at the moment amounts to € 60.


The Association is managed by a Board, which consists of a Chairman and six to eight members. The Chaiman and the members of the board are elected annually. The Chairman of the Association is Senior Legal Counsel Piia Vuoti.

The Association acts mainly through luncheon meetings. Traditionally there are seven meetings a year, three in autumn and four in spring. An essential part of these meetings is an introductory presentation on some current topic. These topics are usually related to some field of law that is especially close to industrial lawyers but also other topics, like current economical issues, are sometimes on the agenda. During these luncheon meetings the members are offered an opportunity to discuss the given topic and ask questions. The meetings take usually place in Helsinki. In addition the Association organises short afternoon seminars.

The Association organises annually a summer meeting and excursion to its members. Destinations of these excursions vary each year from domestic to international. The purpose on these trips is to visit local companies and get to know the operating environment of the target country or region.
The Association informs its members about its activities and current education possibilities, seminars and legal literature through membership bulletins and on this website.